Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter Thirteen

Taking the passenger seat, Halle watched Richie climb behind the wheel and buckle his belt. "So what's the plan guitar boy?" she asked in good humour.

Richie snorted a short laugh then turned to Halle shrugging his shoulders. "Well...I did have plans but was kinda relying on your local knowlegde he smirked and Halle could do nothing but melt.

"Well how can I help?"

"I have a great picnic lunch packed, a thermos of coffee, a blanket and a car. I thought maybe you could help me out with a location."

Halle thought for a moment then got out of the car and cornering around the front she opened Richie's door "ok cowboy, I'm driving".

Richie laughed but realised she wasn't joking and begrudgingly left the driver's seat, deliberately sliding softly against Halle's breasts as he passed. Hearing her breath hitch he smiled sweetly and let his hand linger over her stomach a few seconds longer than he needed, then whistled softly as he rounded the front of the car and jumped in the passengers seat.

'Oh hell' Halle breathed evenly for a moment longer before taking the drivers seat and turning the ignition. "How long do we have?" she asked as she watched him buckle his belt.

"Well...if it's a kidnap you're planning, I will probably be missed at around four this afternoon at sound check" cocking his head to the side he smiled and continued "why? what do you have in mind?"

Halle snorted "If I wanted to kidnap you, I would have done it the other night". Backing out of her driveway Halle continued "well...if you don't mind the drive, I know the perfect spot."

Richie shook his head with indifference "great! let's go!"

"You sure you don't mind a drive? where I have in mind takes around an hour."

"Not at all,I'm in your capable hands" a sly grin spread accross his face and he slipped his eyebrows up and down at the double meaning

"That's dangerous" Halle smirked and navigated through the morning traffic heading north.

About forty five minutes later, Richie was watching the scenery pass by and as nice as it was he had no clue as to where they were or where they were heading. "Ahh Hal?"

Halle grinned at Richie's expression it was crossed between pained and lost "what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just wondering where we are" he continued looking around.

"About five minutes and we will be there" Halle turned the car down a dirt road that was lined with massive eucalyptus trees.

Richie looked through the window with interest and noticed there were no longer any buildings or houses around, it was just trees and vacant land. Coming over a small crest he took in the gorgeous view before him. "This is amazing" he whispered as the ocean came into full view.

Halle stopped the car "ready?" she smiled, happy with his reaction.

Nodding, he stepped out of the car, his eyes never leaving the sprawling view ahead. "How did you find this place? It's just amazing."

Halle looked out over the view, crossing her arms over her chest she softly rubbed the tops of her arms "it's mine".

"Yours?" Richie repeated. "Wow, the possibilities for land like this" he continued, mentally picturing a beautiful home spread accross the top, stairs leading down to the beach and a perfect studio where the tranquil setting would be perfect for his creativity.

"Yes...well, I'm hoping it will still be mine" sadness evident in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Richie came closer, leaning up against the bonnet of the car beside her, his eyes carefully watching hers, it was unnerving how much her evident pain was affecting him.

"Well, Rich, I'm in the middle of a divorce at the moment. This property was left to me by my grandparents, but now it's just another part of the settlement. I was hoping that Mark was going to let me keep it, but apparently there is no sign of the man i married."

Reaching accross, Richie stroked her cheek gently and smiled. "It would certainly be a shame to lose this" his other arm stretched out "how long 'til it's finalised?"

"About two months" brightening back up Halle turned toward the car and opened the boot "let's see what we have here. Any coffee?" Halle hoped Richie would keep the subject change. She certainly didn't want to air her dirty laundry, she knew Richie had enough of his own to deal with, he didn't need to be burdened with hers.