Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter Ten

“Huh? Where?” Megan was confused.

Halle pulled the lanyards from her bag. Grinning wildly she held them up “backstage”.

Megan began laughing at the ridiculous notion of them going to a backstage party, but on closer inspection the passes looked legitimate.

“C’mon, let’s go before you catch any flies in that open mouth of yours.” Putting the lanyards around their necks, she led Megan to the side of the stage and found Rob waiting for her.

He led them through a small maze of corridors until he opened a door that led to the party. There seemed to be a lot of crew and security, there was also a handful of photographers clicking pictures. There amongst the excitement Halle’s gaze landed on Richie.

“Oh my God! There’s Jon” Megan said pointing madly to a point in the middle of the room. “Let’s go introduce ourselves.”

Halle allowed Megan to pull her through the crowd, inching closer and closer to Richie who was talking animatedly with Jon and laughing. The women stopped and waited while they were talking, Halle was trying to her hardest not to laugh at Megan who was clearly star struck. The ridiculous smile and the constant jittering were making it hard to keep her composure.

Jon noticed them standing there and patted Richie’s shoulder for him to turn and look.

“Great show guys” Halle said smiling through her nerves. It was a very different Richie tonight than who had woken up in her house that morning.

“Hi Hal, glad you could make it” Jon said leaning in and giving her cheek a small kiss. “We had a blast, crowd was awesome.”

“Hey Halle” Richie said sliding his arm around her waist and giving her a quick hug. He didn’t know what was coming over him, as far away from women that he wanted to stay he still found himself automatically drawn to Halle.

Halle laughed a full bellied laugh at the look on Megan’s face as she had been watching the exchange between Halle and these God’s of Rock.

Feeling sorry for her friend, Halle put her arm around her friends shoulder “Megan, meet Jon and Richie.”

“Hey darlin’” they both said together, then one at a time bent down to kiss her cheek, chuckling too at her reaction.

Megan all of a sudden looked quite flushed, but recovered well enough to start the questions. “Ok, what gives?” eyeing them all off suspiciously.

After a brief explanation of the previous nights events and then this mornings breakfast guests, Megan was quite put out that Halle hadn’t shared the story with her.

“Hey, you’re lucky that I even invited you to come tonight sweetheart, after that horrible date you sent me on last night” Halle teased.

Richie’s ears pricked at the mention of the word ‘date’. Why did it bother him to know that she was on a date? Hell, he didn’t even know her then.

“Aww c’mon Hal, he’s not that bad.”

“You date him then.”

Jon made the less than subtle move of taking Megan to meet the rest of the band. Placing his hand at the small of her back he steered her away from Halle and Richie. Looking back over Megan’s shoulder, he sent Richie a wink.

What the fuck! Someone needs to tell that asshole that we aren’t in high school anymore.

Halle put her hands up to tease at the ends of his hair. “Well, you certainly seemed to be over your hangover tonight.”

Richie watched her mouth as she spoke, wanting desperately to crush his lips over them.

“Yeah, all gone. It was a great show, we definitely need to get down here more often, and the fans are always great here. Hey can I get you a drink darlin’?”

“Sure, thanks.” Halle said “Just a coke.”

“Coming right up.” He slipped out of view for a split second then returned with a bottle for her. He opened a beer and took a long sip. He watched her tip her head, exposing her neck, her lips wrapped around the top ‘hell, it’s been way too long’ Richie thought, trying to fight off the horny devil sitting on his shoulder. In a slightly strained voice Richie suggested they go see what everyone else is up to.

Nodding in acceptance, Halle put her arm around Richie whose own arm had done the same to Halle, although it had been a totally innocent move, it had felt as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The two manouvered around the room comfortably, Richie stopped to talk to a few people along the way, but never took his arms from Halle's waist. At one point while Richie was talking with a crew member, his hand was slowly moving up and down in a comforting motion on Halle's hip her shirt slowly inching up with each pass. She held her breath in anticipation of skin on skin, but Richie unconciously stopped when he finished the converstion. Halle let out a strangled breath, her heart was beating furiously in her chest. 'yep, definately a panty change needed'.

Richie backed Halle up against the wall in a secluded corner of the room, partially concealed by a huge potplant. She held her breath as Richie leaned in close to her ear, his body molding to hers. "Having fun yet?" his voice was raspy in her ear sending a coursing trail of lust straight through her body.

"Ah...huh" Halle's voice faultered, not one concious thought came to mind. 'blithering IDIOT' she mentally admonished herself. The look of satisfaction gleamed in his eyes as he realised how unhinged he had made her. She inwardly shook herself clear and came up with an answer. "Well, so far so good." Peering over his shoulder she continued "although it's not quite what i expected from a backstage party for a rock band".

Richie kept his body close to hers but threw his head back laughing loudly. "Darlin' this is as wild as we get these days" looking around the room quickly he sighed remembering the good 'ol days when there were no responsibilites, nothing but great music, great women and great booze.

Halle noted the nostalgia in his eyes and tried to lighten the mood. "Well i just expected to come back here and see naked women everywhere."

Richie leaned back in toward her ear again "well baby, if you want to start the ball rolling, you'd hear no complaints from me" he ended the sentence with a small nip to her ear.

Halle held her eyes closed, breathing heavily, her lips parted slightly at her arousal. She bit down on her bottom lip to prevent it from quivering then slowly opened her eyes.

Richie knew he was stepping over some lines he had drawn for himself, but the way she looked when she tried to compose herself, had brought on some pretty vivid mental pictures. Breathing in deeply, he inhaled her scent of vanilla and strawberry, and groaned softly wondering whether she tasted the same. He was keenly aware of her heavy breathing , pushing her breasts against his chest, his cock was straining for attention sending an ache through his body that made him feel alive for the first time in months.

Halle opened her eyes to see him smirking, his eyes piercing her. She found herself holding her breath again when Richie leaned in closer, his tongue slithered out, wetting his lips in preparation. As he got closer, Halle's lips parted.

"Halle" Megan called out as she approached.

Richie snapped his head up and brought his fist to his forehead and clenched his teeth.

'I'm gonna kill her...yep, it was nice while it lasted...but she had to go!' "What!" Halle growled. Richie chuckled slightly at her frustration, but he was dealing with his own disappointment at the moment and he knew it would be a couple of minutes before he composed himself enough to turn back and face the room. He grasped Halle lightly on the arm, sending her a pleading look.

Richie's gaze screamed out to her, had she really had that much affect on him? Glancing down briefly she blushed at the obvious reason for his pained expression and without uttering a word she knew to stay put as Megan came to stand by them.

"Oh my gosh Hal, Dave asked for my phone number. DAVE BRYAN wanted MY phone number" she shrieked, punctuating her words wth extra high screeches.

"That's great Megan" 'now go away!' Halle mumbled in annoyance.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chapter Nine

At sound check, Richie was in a better frame of mind. He had spoken with Ava and they had remade their plans, his headache had subsided and there were no serious problems with the gear set up.

Jon wasn’t usually wrong when it came to his best friend. He knew Richie had been keeping his distance from the ladies this tour. On stage he was the flirt he had always been, the perfect performer, but that was all. He would retreat to his hotel room as soon as he was able to get away. Watching as Richie tuned his guitar, Jon just nodded to himself ‘yep, no doubt about it bro, you need to have some fun’ suddenly Jon no longer worried about sending Halle the tickets.

Halle had forgiven Megan for the date from hell and brought her along to the concert. She had so far left out the fact that they had back stage passes and still wouldn’t reveal the source of her connections on getting the tickets or about her breakfast guests that morning.

They made their way to their seats. “Holy hell Halle, you have some great connections there babe” Megan said looking back at the sea of people behind them. “I have never been front row at a concert before.”

“Me either. It’s so exciting” Halle replied.

Just then, the arena dimmed and the stage fell under spotlights. Dave and Tico took their positions followed by Hugh and Lorenza. When Richie took the stage, Halle held her breath and the crowd cheered louder. He looked amazing, the epitome of a rock star, black leather pants, scuffed boots, a purple shirt that was unbuttoned enough to see his chest, crosses dangling from his neck and of course a hat. Not the Stetson but it still looked good.

The crowd seemed to explode when Jon ran onstage. Halle was quite shocked at the crowd’s reaction, but once he came to the front of the stage she could see why. The man was hot; hell hot didn’t even begin to describe him. Tight black jeans, brown open shirt and a stage presence that seemed unequal to anything she had seen before. It was certainly where he belonged. He kicked straight into the first song and didn’t slow down for the rest of the night.

During Keep The Faith Jon came across in front of Halle and pointed to her smiling, Megan just about shot up on stage with him, she was beside herself.

“Did you see that Hal? He sang to you, oh my god I want that man.”

Halle laughed at her friend. “I think there’s probably thousands of women here that want him too.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, but let me have my little fantasies.”

Megan and Halle were dancing along to the music, having a great time. Jon came over their way a few times shooting them his famous panty dropping smile. Halle knew he was making a point about her previous ego remark, but laughed it off anyway. Richie hadn’t even acknowledged her and she wondered if he had even noticed she was there.

When Richie took the mic for the next song, Halle could tell he noticed her. She smiled and winked at him, but he simply smiled and moved on like she was any other fan in the audience.

Richie had scanned the front row, typical mutton done up as lamb, wearing shit their daughters couldn’t get away with. Then his eyes fell on her. Halle. ‘Fuck,’ Richie thought, ‘Jon had to be behind this, those seats were his to give out, son of a bitch, I’m gonna kill him’. Richie smiled his recognition and began his song.

I was walkin’ around
Just a face in the crowd
Tryin’ to keep myself outta the rain
Saw a vagabond king
Wearin’ a styrofoam crown
Wonderin’ if I might end up the same

Halle was mesmerized. She had tears in her eyes, but she didn’t even notice. His voice was smoky and so sexy. ‘I am so going to need a panty change when I’m done here’ she thought to herself.

Richie found himself turning his gaze back to Halle. The way she was staring at him, taking in everything he was singing, left him feeling warmth he had been without for so long. He kept his gaze on her as he sang; she looked fantastic, her long hair hung loose around her shoulders. Her black halter top had a deep enough V that Richie greatly appreciated from his vantage point. Her denim mini skirt was barely there it was so short and her long legs ended in a pair of black western style boots. ‘Now that’s an outfit.’ She was swaying along to his words, head to head with her friend who was cute enough with her strawberry blonde hair and slim figure. ‘Fuck, I’m screwed’ he thought. She was down to earth and hadn’t swooned over them at all that morning; she seemed intelligent and smokin’ hot to boot. Sounded like a package deal to him. He finished his song, took his bow and sent her a wink and his pick.

Halle caught the pick easily and mouthed ‘thank you’ to him. Giving her another wink he left the stage.

“What the hell was that all about?” Megan asked.

“What do you mean?” Halle replied as innocently as possible.

“Well, that almost looked like you knew each other.”

Halle was saved from having to explain herself by Jon’s voice, this time coming from a small stage at the side of the arena.

After the last encore was done, Halle sat back in her seat as everyone started filing out.

“C’mon girl, get up, the train leaves in ten minutes, move it” Megan said pulling Halle to her feet.

Looking mischievously at Megan, Halle said “well…what if I said we have a party to go to.”

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chapter Eight

It had been such a sweet short kiss, but it had lingered on Halle’s lips long after Richie had left. Floating through her household chores, she couldn’t remember a time when housework hadn’t sucked the life outta her. She had even pulled out her one and only Bon Jovi cd, New Jersey, and bopped around, dancing with the vacuum cleaner.


Richie had woken from a restless nap. Not quite sure why he kept having visions of Halle. He shook his head, hoping they would leave. The last thing he needed was another woman plaguing his thoughts. Sure she was great, and ordinarily, she would have been an ideal pick up, but there was something about her that made him smile. Maybe it was the way she looked at him, without judgment, without the rock star hype. Maybe because she carried a similar pain in her eyes, as he did. Ordering coffee, he went to shower. The warm water cascaded over him, enveloping him like a warm hug, making him feel more awake. He emerged from the bathroom, towel around his waist, and searched for his phone to call Ava. “Dammit, where have I put it?” Pulling on a pair of jeans and a navy shirt he went to see Jon.

“Well, you look more alive now. We got sound check at three, you ok for that? And another thing” Jon leant forward and swiped the back of Richie’s head.

“Owww what the fuck?” Richie complained and rubbed the back of his head. He knew he deserved it and more for the stunt he pulled. “Look man, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

“You got that right” Jon snapped “I know you’re going through some shit at the moment but fuck, this could have been a serious problem that not only affects you, it affects all of us”.

“Look, you can dish out whatever you want but trust me; I’m beating myself up enough without you adding to it” Richie’s temper was rising, more from guilt than what Jon was saying.

“All I ask is that you come to me if it gets too bad man, and if you want my opinion, which you’re gonna get whether you do or not, I think you’re making this way too easy for Heather.”

Richie’s brow rose “how do you figure that?”

Jon turned and looked Richie in the eyes. “Look in the mirror man, that’s not you there. You’re letting the bitch beat you down. Think about the satisfaction she’s getting from you fucking up all the time, drinking and pulling shit like last night, which, by the way I’ll rip you a new one if you pull shit like that again. So how about finding that spine of yours and stop letting her walk all over you.”

“Fuck…you think I like what she’s doing to me? You think I like feeling so fucked up all the time that swallowing a bottle of booze is the only comforting thing I can do? Fuck Jon, my balls are in a vice while we’re touring, there’s no room to change plans and the fuckin’ bitch knows that, she’s using my biggest weakness against me…Ava” he lowered his voice and swallowed hard before continuing. “I think I’m gonna have to have another serious chat with my lawyer when we get home, probably when we’re back in march, you’re right I do let her get away with too much.”

he gave his brother a quick hug, slapping him on the back he said "you’re ready for sound check?”

“Yeah, yeah sound check three o’clock, have you seen my phone?”

“Nah, you leave it in your clothes?”

“Checked them” Richie said sitting on the couch and plonking his feet on the side table.

“Shit…when I called you earlier, Halle answered it, that’s how we found you. She must still have it.” Jon began laughing.

“I don’t see how any of this is funny” Richie frowned and folded his arms across his chest.

“Oh yes it is” Jon laughed, “She got to you. I can see it on your face.”

“Trouble I don’t need at the moment.”

“Look” Jon sympathized. “I’ll call her and organize Rob to go get it from her, ok?”

“Thanks” Richie grumbled as he left.

Halle was folding the last of her washing when she heard the guitar solo ring tone of Richie’s phone.

“Shit, shit, shit” she yelled searching for it. Finding it half hidden under a couch cushion, she flipped it open and seeing it was Jon she said “sorry, sorry, sorry”.

Jon just laughed. “So I take it that this wasn’t part of some evil plan to have us come back and visit?”

“No egomaniac, it isn’t. I dropped the phone on my couch after your call and I guess I just forgot about it. How do I get it back to you?”

Jon snorted out a short laugh at being put in his place for the third time that day by the beauty. “It’s ok darlin’ I will send someone over to pick it up. Is that ok?”

“Of course, that’s fine. I really am sorry. It hasn’t rang though, so he hasn’t missed any calls.”

“Thanks Hal” Jon said, a small plan building in his head. “Bye for now” he said and hung up, then flipping the phone open again he began dialing.

A short time later, Halle answered the door to a huge, mountain of a man standing on her steps.

“Hi ma’am, my name’s Rob from the Bon Jovi security team. Mr. Bon Jovi sent me to pick up Mr. Sambora’s phone and deliver this envelope.

Taking the envelope and handing over the phone Halle thanked him and then went to the couch to open it. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Two front row tickets to tonight’s show as well as two backstage passes.

“Holy crap!” she said looking at the passes. It had been years since she had gone to a concert, and never backstage. A note was the last item in the envelope. It had a simple ‘thanks’ and signed ‘J’.

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Standing on her doorstep was Jon, David and Tico. Jon was wearing a cap and all three were sporting sunglasses and smiles.

Halle’s jaw dropped. They certainly weren’t who she was expecting.

“Halle?” Jon asked as he removed his sunglasses and shot her a smile that weakened her knees.

‘For fuck’s sake speak woman.’ “Ahh yes, yes I’m Halle c’mon on in” she said stepping to the side to allow their entry. Each one of them introduced themselves and then followed her through to the kitchen. Halle was trying to breathe normally and think of them as if they weren’t international rock stars. She was a fan of their music but nothing rabid, in fact she only owned one cd, but she was no fool, she knew their status in the industry.

“Shit, here comes the cavalry” Richie groaned pouring himself another coffee.

“Well don’t you look like shit” Dave snorted through laughter at Richie’s obvious hangover.

“Fuck you” Richie fired back, returning to his seat at the table.
Richie eyed Jon cautiously, wincing slightly at the glare he got in return. 'Well that's something to look forward to.'

Passing around coffees Halle then stood back watching their interaction, she watched Jon as he watched Dave and Richie’s bantering with concerned eyes. The fact that they all turned up was enough to know that they were far more than just band mates. She stepped forward with a plate of muffins and fruit, which they all thanked her for and started eating appreciatively. ‘Someone seriously needs to wake me up before I start believing Bon Jovi is actually sitting in my kitchen.’

“So Halle, I appreciate what you did for Richie” Jon said popping some muffin into his mouth.

“No worries, really, I just thought it was best to get him out of the public eye after…”

Cutting her off Richie said “now darlin’, we can have our little secrets. These assholes don’t need all the details” the mischievous sparkle returning to his eyes and he gave her a wink.

Halle could feel herself blush. ‘Seriously woman, get a grip.’ Unfortunately, the visions she concocted, made her blush deepen.

“After what?” Dave’s eyes lit up taking the bait. Looking between the two he whined “aww c’mon, enquiring minds wanna know.”

“Hell no” Richie said. A woman knocking him on his ass would be enough ammunition for at least a month.

He looked at Halle, she had the same mischievous glint to her eyes that he himself had. ‘Don’t do it darlin’, don’t do it.’ Richie willed her with his eyes not to out him.

“Well I did all but carry your sorry ass from the car to the house, so I do deserve some satisfaction at your expense, don’t you think?”

Richie could think of at least a dozen other ways to satisfy her and none of which would result in the guys ribbing him for the next month. Looking Halle straight in the eyes, his mouth slid into a sexy grin that had Halle a little unnerved.

“Well maybe, it’s a story for another time hey cowboy.” She caved, that smile was her undoing. Right then and there she would probably have stopped breathing if that had been his wish. Halle got up from her chair and began clearing the table.

Jon had been watching the interaction between, Halle and Richie and as innocent as it was, he knew Richie and he knew that she had gotten to him, what he didn't understand was the way he was handling the situation. She could definitely be his type. Sure she was no Hollywood blonde bimbo but she was real. Unfortunately she was real, just on the wrong continent. “We had better get outta your way Hal” Jon said before standing. “We have sound check at 3pm and Dean here looks like he could do with a nap. He’s not as young as he used to be you know” Jon teased and then laughed at Richie’s finger gesture.

Halle laughed but felt the need to come to Richie’s defense. “Well…actually none of you are really are you?”

Richie, Tico and Dave all laughed at her response and Jon’s look of shock. “You tell him Hal” Richie encouraged.

Halle continued “And besides…” Halle paused and took a long, slow deliberate look at Richie from top to bottom “he aint lookin’ too bad from where I’m standing.”

Richie almost groaned at the way she looked him up and down. He began laughing, more to cover up his reaction than at Jon being put in his place. “Well I guess you’ve been told huh Kidd?”

“Oh Halle, you are my new hero” Dave said pulling her for a hug.

“Well I do aim to please” Halle responded returning Dave’s hug.

Richie returned from the bedroom, pulling his boots on and holding his jacket. The rest of the guys were talking with Halle about the tour and were a little surprised that she was a fan considering she didn’t act like one.

They all stood and Jon, Dave and Tico all gave Halle a hug and went through to the front door, leaving just Richie and Halle alone. Richie crossed the kitchen to where Halle was standing and took one of her hands in his. “Thank you Hal…for everything. I apologize for my behaviour last night, you did right putting me on my ass, it was a stupid thing to try and drive and I appreciate the fact that you cared enough to stop me.” He slid his arm around her waist, responding himself to the way her breath hitched as he pulled her in for a hug.

‘Breathe Halle, you fool, breathe!' Halle’s breathing started coming fast and she hugged him back “It was no problems at all Richie, it was great meeting you regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes we all fall victim to our own circumstances”. She lowered her head “just so that you know, I didn’t exactly knock you on your ass, well, not deliberately. I kind of fell on top of you” she said blushing.

Richie pulled back slightly from the hug. Lifting her chin up so their eyes met, Halle could see a glint of laughter in them, but it wasn’t enough to hide the pain. “Well that would have been something I wouldn’t have minded remembering.” With that said he leant in brushed his lips ever so lightly along hers.