Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Standing on her doorstep was Jon, David and Tico. Jon was wearing a cap and all three were sporting sunglasses and smiles.

Halle’s jaw dropped. They certainly weren’t who she was expecting.

“Halle?” Jon asked as he removed his sunglasses and shot her a smile that weakened her knees.

‘For fuck’s sake speak woman.’ “Ahh yes, yes I’m Halle c’mon on in” she said stepping to the side to allow their entry. Each one of them introduced themselves and then followed her through to the kitchen. Halle was trying to breathe normally and think of them as if they weren’t international rock stars. She was a fan of their music but nothing rabid, in fact she only owned one cd, but she was no fool, she knew their status in the industry.

“Shit, here comes the cavalry” Richie groaned pouring himself another coffee.

“Well don’t you look like shit” Dave snorted through laughter at Richie’s obvious hangover.

“Fuck you” Richie fired back, returning to his seat at the table.
Richie eyed Jon cautiously, wincing slightly at the glare he got in return. 'Well that's something to look forward to.'

Passing around coffees Halle then stood back watching their interaction, she watched Jon as he watched Dave and Richie’s bantering with concerned eyes. The fact that they all turned up was enough to know that they were far more than just band mates. She stepped forward with a plate of muffins and fruit, which they all thanked her for and started eating appreciatively. ‘Someone seriously needs to wake me up before I start believing Bon Jovi is actually sitting in my kitchen.’

“So Halle, I appreciate what you did for Richie” Jon said popping some muffin into his mouth.

“No worries, really, I just thought it was best to get him out of the public eye after…”

Cutting her off Richie said “now darlin’, we can have our little secrets. These assholes don’t need all the details” the mischievous sparkle returning to his eyes and he gave her a wink.

Halle could feel herself blush. ‘Seriously woman, get a grip.’ Unfortunately, the visions she concocted, made her blush deepen.

“After what?” Dave’s eyes lit up taking the bait. Looking between the two he whined “aww c’mon, enquiring minds wanna know.”

“Hell no” Richie said. A woman knocking him on his ass would be enough ammunition for at least a month.

He looked at Halle, she had the same mischievous glint to her eyes that he himself had. ‘Don’t do it darlin’, don’t do it.’ Richie willed her with his eyes not to out him.

“Well I did all but carry your sorry ass from the car to the house, so I do deserve some satisfaction at your expense, don’t you think?”

Richie could think of at least a dozen other ways to satisfy her and none of which would result in the guys ribbing him for the next month. Looking Halle straight in the eyes, his mouth slid into a sexy grin that had Halle a little unnerved.

“Well maybe, it’s a story for another time hey cowboy.” She caved, that smile was her undoing. Right then and there she would probably have stopped breathing if that had been his wish. Halle got up from her chair and began clearing the table.

Jon had been watching the interaction between, Halle and Richie and as innocent as it was, he knew Richie and he knew that she had gotten to him, what he didn't understand was the way he was handling the situation. She could definitely be his type. Sure she was no Hollywood blonde bimbo but she was real. Unfortunately she was real, just on the wrong continent. “We had better get outta your way Hal” Jon said before standing. “We have sound check at 3pm and Dean here looks like he could do with a nap. He’s not as young as he used to be you know” Jon teased and then laughed at Richie’s finger gesture.

Halle laughed but felt the need to come to Richie’s defense. “Well…actually none of you are really are you?”

Richie, Tico and Dave all laughed at her response and Jon’s look of shock. “You tell him Hal” Richie encouraged.

Halle continued “And besides…” Halle paused and took a long, slow deliberate look at Richie from top to bottom “he aint lookin’ too bad from where I’m standing.”

Richie almost groaned at the way she looked him up and down. He began laughing, more to cover up his reaction than at Jon being put in his place. “Well I guess you’ve been told huh Kidd?”

“Oh Halle, you are my new hero” Dave said pulling her for a hug.

“Well I do aim to please” Halle responded returning Dave’s hug.

Richie returned from the bedroom, pulling his boots on and holding his jacket. The rest of the guys were talking with Halle about the tour and were a little surprised that she was a fan considering she didn’t act like one.

They all stood and Jon, Dave and Tico all gave Halle a hug and went through to the front door, leaving just Richie and Halle alone. Richie crossed the kitchen to where Halle was standing and took one of her hands in his. “Thank you Hal…for everything. I apologize for my behaviour last night, you did right putting me on my ass, it was a stupid thing to try and drive and I appreciate the fact that you cared enough to stop me.” He slid his arm around her waist, responding himself to the way her breath hitched as he pulled her in for a hug.

‘Breathe Halle, you fool, breathe!' Halle’s breathing started coming fast and she hugged him back “It was no problems at all Richie, it was great meeting you regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes we all fall victim to our own circumstances”. She lowered her head “just so that you know, I didn’t exactly knock you on your ass, well, not deliberately. I kind of fell on top of you” she said blushing.

Richie pulled back slightly from the hug. Lifting her chin up so their eyes met, Halle could see a glint of laughter in them, but it wasn’t enough to hide the pain. “Well that would have been something I wouldn’t have minded remembering.” With that said he leant in brushed his lips ever so lightly along hers.

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