Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Halle heard the unfamiliar ringtone as she turned the shower off. Grabbing her towel, she flicked it around herself and ran to answer it before it stopped. Noticing the caller I.D she took a deep breath .


Jon was relieved that he had contact but was still wary. This could turn into a media circus if he wasn't careful. They could really do with out any scandals during the tour.

"Hi and who is this?" Jon asked.

Dave and Tico exchanged looks. Dave held back a snicker while Tico just smiled. The King was back in the swing and they both hoped he would be in a better mood for a change.

On the other end of the line Halle was panicking. She didn't even give a thought to how misconstrued the whole situation could look. 'Well that and the sexy fricken voice on the other end of the line.' "My name's Halle...Halle Anderson."

"Hi Halle, I'm Jon, I was looking for..."

"Richie?" she cut in.

"Yeah Richie" Jon smiled at her enthusiasm "Is he around?"

"He's still passed out in the guest room."

"Passed out? Guest room?" Jon repeated.

Dave and Tico started chuckling, maybe the King hadn't returned after all.

Halle immediately got her defences up. "Yes, my guest room, I'm not a conquest if that's what you were thinking."

Jon's brow rose quickly "woah darlin' I didn't mean to imply anything".

"I'll have you know, he was at the bar i was working in last night and well...let's just say he was extremely under the weather. I had to try and stop him from driving" Halle lowered her voice and let her anger subside.

"Well, thanks for looking after him. We appreciate it. Are you able to wake him?" Jon asked still quite shocked at the way she tore into him.

Halle walked downstairs to where Richie was still sleeping. Shaking his shoulder she started in a low even tone "Richie...wake up". Having gotten no response at all she dialled up the voice "Richieeeee...wakey wakey! Get up!" still nothing. She pulled the phone back to her ear "Jon he's not even stirring".

Jon could hear her beginning to panic "it's ok darlin' he sleeps like the dead even when he's not...under the weather. Do you mind if i send someone to get him?".

"Sure, but he has a car here so send someone to drive it."

After writing down the address, Jon hung up then looked up at Dave and Tico who were looking expectantly at him.

"Well?" Dave stood, tapping his foot "Is the King back?"

"Aah, I don't think so, actually she nearly tore me a new one when i assumed something i shouldn't have" Jon chuckled, she certainly had spunk. As for his friend, Jon thought he might just tear him a new one. "He got himself hammered last night and this woman...Halle, thought she would get him outta the public eye. I tell ya what, I'm gonna kill him" Jon ranted to the amusement of Dave and Tico who sat back watching Jon pace around the room.

After giving Jon her address, she dropped the phone on the couch and ran upstairs to get dressed. Pulling on white shorts and a blue t-shirt, she pulled her long hair into a lose ponytail and left the room.

Downstairs, Richie was beginning to stir. Opening his eyes he tried to focus 'fuck me,what train hit me last night?and where the hell am I?' Lifting his head while trying to ignore the pounding, he slowly looked around the room. There was no one in bed beside him and he was still dressed, so he obviously didn't pick up. The room was dark but as his eyes adjusted he focused on a huge picture on the wall. A portrait of John Lennon. Nodding his approval, he continued surveying the room. He found the aspirin and water on the nightstand, silently blessing whoever had left them, he downed three aspirin and swallowed half a bottle of water. He sat on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees, his head cradled in his hands. He wasn't sure what he was gonna find outside the room but hauled himself off the bed anyway and went to explore.

Halle was in the kitchen when Richie emerged, turning to him, she smiled widely. 'Jeez, this guy even makes a hangover look good'. "Good morning sunshine" Halle said brightly. Richie was pleasantly surprised at who he found. Walking further into the kitchen and looking around wary of who else could be in the room. "Good morning, aren't we chirpy?" a sheepish grin on his face. He felt a little uncomfortable that he had no recollection of the previous night.

Noticing his awkwardness Halle wiped her hands on a towel then held one out toward Richie "I'm Halle".

Richie stepped forward and took her hand "Richie". Her hand was small and felt soft inside his and her warmth quickly spread through his body.

Halle was taken by surprise at the sensation his innocent handshake was generating. She let out a small gasp and pulled her hand quickly from his. Composing herself she smiled again "feel like coffee and breakfast cowboy?"

Richie smirked at her reaction but dismissed it 'probably just a fan' he thought. "Well as long as you're offering." He sat at the table in the middle of the kitchen and while Halle busied herself with the task at hand, Richie took the opportunity of taking in her features. Her hair was long, even tied back it still hung more than half way down her back. His gaze travelled down, her petite figure was accentuated by the tight t-shirt that happened to be the same colour as her eyes and her cute ass was making his crotch stir as she moved around the kitchen. She obviously worked out, her legs looked firm and strong and her stomach was perfectly flat. As she reached for something in a top cupboard Richie caught sight of some ink at the base of her spine but didn't get a chance to make out what it was.

"So..." Richie stalled, not quite sure what to say.

"So?" Halle repeated and turned to look his way. "How did you end up here?"

Running his hand through his hair and looking down at the table, Richie felt rather sheepish "well, yeah, I don't remember too much about last night". He remembered well enough the phone call that sent him off into the streets to calm down, and then the small bar that had been welcoming with the lack of crowd, but after that things got a little hazy.

"Well let's just say that you were in no condition to drive and after I knocked you on your ass, you passed out. We had no idea where you were staying, your phone was locked and i didn't think it would be wise to leave you to attract attention. So i figured, knowing who you were, I should be safe enough to let you crash here."

Richie was staring blankly at her "You knocked me on my ass?"

"Well I wasn't about to let you loose on the roads, and besides, you were being a smug bastard and I needed to put you in your place." She thought that she would keep to herself the little fact that she actually fell on him, what he don't know won't hurt him.

"Well thanks...I guess" Richie replied rather embarassed.

Helle began laughing as she served up his breakfast.

"So now you're laughing at me?" Richie asked, a pained look on his face, but his eyes were sparkling with amusement.

Halle laughed louder "I'm sorry" was all she could say before she lost it, tears streaming down her face.

Shaking his head at her, Richie popped a piece of bacon in his mouth and turned when he heard the doorbell.

Halle was still laughing as she went through to open the door. She guessed that it would be someone to pick Richie up, but her laughter came to a sputtering stop when she opened the door and she immediately found herself without breath.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Halle had a restless nights sleep. Everytime she glanced at her clock, minutes were all that had passed. Finally at six am she gave in and got out of bed. She pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, pulled her hair back in a pony tail and sat on the bed to pull on her joggers. She needed a run, it was an invigorating way to start the dayand she knew she needed all she could get considering her house guest. Going downstairs she flicked the switch for the coffee machine and snuck a peek at Richie before she left.

Halle was confident Richie wouldn't wake up anytime soon, so she took advantage of her longer route, passing other joggers as she headed towards the beach. Sunrise was in Halles opinion the best time of the day, breathing deeply the air was refreshing from the inside out. Rounding the bend she picked up her pace, pushing herself 'til her calves burned. Her thoughts consumed by the man in her house. Halle had different variations of conversations spooling around her mind. 'What do you say to such a man?'

Entering the house she took the stairs two at a time then jumped into a relaxing shower.

Jon returned to his room from the hotel gym. A workout was the perfect way to begin a show day. After ordering breakfast and showering he thought he should probably check how Richie was doing. He worried about his brother and the downward spiral could easily fall into again. After a tough couple of years he could surely do with some light in his life.

Freshly showered with just his jeans pulled on, upper body and hair still wet, Jon sat on the couch coffee in one hand, his phone in the other. Richie's phone rang out and went to messages. Hanging up he redialled "wake up man" he said as Richie's phone once again went to messages. "Fuck." Getting up, he slipped on a shirt and went to find his brother.

After pounding on Richie's door for the better part of five minutes, Jon went to Dave's door.

"Where's the fire?" Dave chuckled as Jon stormed through the door.

"Is Rich here?" Jon asked as he looked around the room.

"Nah man, I havn't seen him" Dave put a hand to Jon's chest to slow him down. "What's wrong?"

"It's my fault, I should've gone with him" he stepped around Dave and continued "I'll check with Teek".

"Woah, what's going on?" Dave asked, following Jon out the door.

"Fucking Heather has stuffed him around again. He took off last night to cool down and now I can't get a hold of him.

Tico hadn't seen him either."Fuck" Jon spat, pacing the room, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

"Look, try his phone again. He may have just gotten lucky and is in some woman's bed somewhere" reasoned Tico.

Pulling his phone out he dialed Richie again.

"Um...hello" came the soft uneasy voice of a woman.

Jon snapped his head up and gave Tico and Dave a nod.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Halle fell right on top of Richie. Inwardly smiling 'well there are worse places a girl could land'.

Richie let out a loud "oof" and passed out. Jumping up quickly, Halle made sure he hadn't hit his head.

Salvatore came rushing over. His aged features showing full concern. "Hal, are you ok? What's this guys deal?" he motioned toward Richie with a flick of his hand.

"It's ok Sal, I knocked him over, but he seems to be sleeping it off now. Can you help me get him to the car?"

Sal and Halle together with the last remaining patron struggled to the car with the huge frame of a man. "Where are you going to take him?" Sal puffed as they propped him up in the backseat.

"Could you check his pocket for a hotel keycard or a business card, something that may tell us where he's staying" Halle asked as she started checking his other pocket.

Finding his wallet, Salvatore opened it and tried hard to be as unobtrusive as possible. After a quick search he came up with nothing.

Halle wondered how crazy she would sound if she called all the hotels in the area asking if Richie Sambora was staying there. She laughed it off, not only would they not tell her, she would sound certifiable.

Sal pulled his hands from Richie's jean pocket with a phone and handed it over to Halle.

"Great, I should be able to see who he called last and see if they can help." Flipping the phone open Halle sighed in defeat. "Damn it! It's locked." 'What the hell am i gonna do now?' Halle asked herself.

"Well Hal, I'll just have to call the cops, let them deal with him" Hal grumbled as he turned back toward the bar.

"No Sal, please." Halle looked down at Richie, sprawled accross the backseatand couldn't help but smile. He certainly was a magnificent specimen, even in his current condition. "Well Sal, I will just take him back to my place, let him sleep it off there."

"The hell you will" Sal replied in his gruff fatherly tone.

Clearly Sal had no idea who he was, and Halle felt confident that she would be safe. "It's ok Sal" she replied giving him a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. "I know who he is and i will be fine. Don't worry."

"I'm an old man Hal, I always worry, just be careful."

Blowing him a kiss, she jumped in the drivers seat and drove off toward home.

It had been a bit of a task getting Richie from the car to the house. He had woken but was not coherent in the least. Mumbled sounds grumbled from him as he leaned heavily on Halle. Stumbling around he passed out cold again when Halle dropped him on the bed in her guest room.

She struggled pulling off his boots and fell on her ass for her efforts "crap! there has gotta be a better way to get a rockstar undressed" she laughed.

She stood back, looking down at the unconcious man in her house and wondered what had brought such pain to those gorgeous chocolate eyes. It was obviously bad enough to drive him to the bar that night on a mission to drown something in whiskey. "Well not exactly how I thought the night would end" she murmered quietly to herself "but i guess it could have been worse".

Leaving a packet of aspirin and two bottles of water on the bedside table, Halle closed the door and went upstairs to her room taking his phone with her in case it rang. She was sure it wouldn't be long before he is missed.

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Halle went behind the bar and started loading glasses into trays to be washed. Behind her she heard a rough and very slurred voice.

"Hey there pretty lady, can i buy you a drink?"

Rolling her eyes she turned quickly on her heel and said "well...that's not one i havn't....." she stopped dead in her trackswhen she noticed exactly who it was. 'Fuck me, holy hell' she had noticed him when he walked in but he had kept his hat low so she hadn't recognised him. She quickly recovered then finished "heard before".

"Well in that case darlin' I'll just have another Jack on the rocks" he drawled taking his cap off and dropping in on the bar beside him then running his fingers through his glorious hair.

Halle was a little weary about serving him but decided one more then she would cut him off.

She pored his drink then watchedin stunned silenceas he downed it in one mouthful. 'Well i wonder whats beating him down so much that it's pushed him to drink like this?' Halle thought, keeping a protective eye on him as he swayed slightly.

"Hit me again darlin'" his slurring worse than before.

"Sorry cowboy, we're closing up now, would you like me to call a cab?"

Richie scowled, trying to focus on her through glassy eyes "aaawwww c'mon babe, give a guy a break, I've had a bad night" 'and an even worse couple of years' he thought.

Halle could barely makeout his incoherent speech and watched as his eyes became heavy.

"C'mon cowboy, time to go. Where are you stayin'? I'll call you a cab."

Richie forced his eyes wide open, "sss ok I got a car" he mumbled fishing around in his pocket and triumphantly pulled out a set of keys. He turned, swayed slightly and headed toward the door, tripping on a chair leg along the way.

Salvatore came over "hey Hal, he's not driving is he?"

Halle was already making a move to head him off. "Not if i have anything to do with it. It's ok Sal, I can handle him" then shifted into Richie's path.

Holding her hand out in front of her and in a commanding tone she said "Ok, hand over the keys cowboy".

Thinking he would try being cute he smiled crookedly and slurred "whatcha gonna do if i don't?" Leaning slighly forward he hoped he could unnerve her. Even in his inebriated state he could see her beauty and if he wasn't in such a funk when it came to women, he would have made a move on her in a heartbeat.

Halle was up to the challenge. "Well honey, that's not going to be an issue because you are going to give me those keys".

Richie held them up, just out of her reach, his chocolate eyes twinkling with mischief.

With her hands on her hips she laughed "ok, so we're gonna play that game huh?".

He just nodded, slowly blinking and still swaying slightly.

Quicker than he was prepared for Halle jumped and grabbed his keys, but lost her balance, and both of them tumbled to the floor.


Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Halle stood in front of her wardrobe, scaning for the perfect outfit. Her best friend set her up on a date with one of her work colleagues, Ron. Halle hadn't been really keen on the idea, since her divorce a year earlier she had kept herself 'out of the game'. Megan had other ideas and decided it was time for Halle to get up off the bench and rejoin the game, and after Magans relentless nagging she gave in and accepted the date. Halle had met Ron at a christmas party Megan had last year and although he wasn't her type she thought anything would be better than planting herself in front of the TV yet again.

Finally opting for comfort, she slipped on a knee length purple halter dress that accentuated Halle's long dark locks. Adding the finishing touches to her makeup, she slipped on her flat black sandals, grabbed her purse and headed downstairs where she picked up her keys and headed out of the house.

She chose to walk the two blocks to Salvatore's where she was meeting Ron. By keeping the date to her own neighbourhood, she felt more at ease and Salvatore's had been her favourite little hole in the wall since she arrived in the city. The bar had a quality about it that was comforting and welcoming, and Salvatore himself had treated her like a daughter, giving her a job when she first arrived, until she had her small business up and running.

Walking into the bar, Halle looked around for Ron, she was a bit early herself and didn't expect to see him there yet, but there he was, perched on a stool at the end of the bar. Taking a minute, Halle gave him the once over. He was wearing a pair of black dress pants and a grey pinstripe button down shirt. 'he took the safe option' she thought, knowing he wasn't altogether unnatractive but certainly nothing to swoon over. 'Hell, don't be so shallow Halle' she mentally scolded herself. He was clean shaven and well groomed, a bit too well groomed for Halle's liking. She loved casual, jeans, t-shirts, pyjamas, she could laze around all weekend in her pj's and had been caught out many times doing just that.

Taking a deep breath she walked confidently over to Ron. "Good evening Ron. How are you?" Halle asked, pulling up a stool beside him.

He looked up to her and quickly stood, assisting her with her stool. "Good evening Halle, I'm great, thanks and might i say how gorgeous you look tonight" his voice betraying his confidence by the slight trembling Halle could detect. "That colour is amazing on you" he finally added.

Halle had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, way too many pleasantries, now may be the perfect time to take up drinking.

They moved to a table at the back of the bar and sat in awkward silence. Sal brought Hal her standard coke and left them to sip their drinks, the silence screaming loudly in Halle's ears. Looking around the room Halle noticed a tall dark haired guy walk through the door. He was wearing a ballcap pulled low over his eyes, oh so snug jeans and a black t-shirt. 'See...comfort' Halle sighed.

Halle decided if this night was ever going to end she had better make conversation. Turning to Ron who was carefully studying the wine sloshing around in his glass as he twisted it by the stem she asked "so, Ron, what is it you do at McKenzies?"

Ron took a big sip of wine and smiled, almost as if he needed the courage to speak "I work on the same floor as Megan, but in the accounts department".

'She sent me a freaking accountant! I'm gonna kill her!' Halle gathered her thoughts and tried to act interested. "Well that sounds interesting; it must keep you busy."

"That it does, and what about you? What do you do?"

'A great disappearing act if you could just head to the bathroom for me' shaking off her negative thoughts she answered "I have a small boutique that sells lingerie and sleepwear called HEAVEN".

They chatted quietly for another hour when they had decided to call it a night.

"Would you like me to walk you home?" Ron asked politely.

Halle couldn't bear anymore of the inane chit chat he came up with and spotting Sal bringing trays of glasses from out the back she told him that she was fine and was going to help out her friend for a while.

They parted ways with Ron promising to call her. Halle made a mental note to make Megan help him lose her number. She had been married to a lawyer for the better part of a decade and she couldn't bear spending anymore of her time with uptight, number crunching workaholics, she had nothing in common with them and frankly she just wanted someone who was willing to let their hair down and have some fun.


Chapter One

Chapter One

"Son of a bitch! Richie muttered to himself as he slammed down the phone. Yet another arguement with Heather over when he could see Ava next. "Who the hell does she think she is?" he spat. Leaning forward he ran his hands through his hair in frustration. They were smack bang in the middle of a world tour and she kept changing the damn plans. Richie knew for certain that she did it just to spite him; knowing his schedule was rock solid. Letting out a long breath he picked up his phone again and called Jon.

Stepping out of the shower, Jon slung his towel on his hips and padded through the plush motel room in search of his ringing phone. Noticing the ID he answered "hey man".

Hey bro, listen, i gotta get outta here" Richie's frustration evident in his tone.

"Talk to me man, what's going on?" Jon knew his friend had been copping alot of crap from Heather lately. She basically had is balls in a vice and she knew it. Jon had thought it a pretty low blow from even her when she started using their daughter to her own advantage. He desperately worried for Richie and the trouble he could get himself into if he continued on his path of self destruction.

"Same 'ol same 'ol, she's changed the date on her trip again making it impossible for me to catch up with Ava after New Zealand. I'm just about ready to throttle the fucking bitch. Look I'm goin' for a drive to cool down a bit."

"Want company? Give me ten miutes to get dressed."

"Nah, it's ok, get to bed, you need your beauty sleep" Richie chuckled "I'll be fine".

"Behave man!" Jon warned in his best parental tone.

"Right Dad" Richie laughed before flipping his phone shut.

Checking the time, 9:15pm, still early he thought as he pulled on his jeans and boots and grabbed his phone, wallet and keys to his rental car and left the room.

Stepping out of the hotel the summer heat slammed into him. 'Damn, the humidity here is a killer' he thought as he jumped into the black BMW, blasted the air con and headed out into the streets of Sydney.