Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter One

Chapter One

"Son of a bitch! Richie muttered to himself as he slammed down the phone. Yet another arguement with Heather over when he could see Ava next. "Who the hell does she think she is?" he spat. Leaning forward he ran his hands through his hair in frustration. They were smack bang in the middle of a world tour and she kept changing the damn plans. Richie knew for certain that she did it just to spite him; knowing his schedule was rock solid. Letting out a long breath he picked up his phone again and called Jon.

Stepping out of the shower, Jon slung his towel on his hips and padded through the plush motel room in search of his ringing phone. Noticing the ID he answered "hey man".

Hey bro, listen, i gotta get outta here" Richie's frustration evident in his tone.

"Talk to me man, what's going on?" Jon knew his friend had been copping alot of crap from Heather lately. She basically had is balls in a vice and she knew it. Jon had thought it a pretty low blow from even her when she started using their daughter to her own advantage. He desperately worried for Richie and the trouble he could get himself into if he continued on his path of self destruction.

"Same 'ol same 'ol, she's changed the date on her trip again making it impossible for me to catch up with Ava after New Zealand. I'm just about ready to throttle the fucking bitch. Look I'm goin' for a drive to cool down a bit."

"Want company? Give me ten miutes to get dressed."

"Nah, it's ok, get to bed, you need your beauty sleep" Richie chuckled "I'll be fine".

"Behave man!" Jon warned in his best parental tone.

"Right Dad" Richie laughed before flipping his phone shut.

Checking the time, 9:15pm, still early he thought as he pulled on his jeans and boots and grabbed his phone, wallet and keys to his rental car and left the room.

Stepping out of the hotel the summer heat slammed into him. 'Damn, the humidity here is a killer' he thought as he jumped into the black BMW, blasted the air con and headed out into the streets of Sydney.


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