Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Halle stood in front of her wardrobe, scaning for the perfect outfit. Her best friend set her up on a date with one of her work colleagues, Ron. Halle hadn't been really keen on the idea, since her divorce a year earlier she had kept herself 'out of the game'. Megan had other ideas and decided it was time for Halle to get up off the bench and rejoin the game, and after Magans relentless nagging she gave in and accepted the date. Halle had met Ron at a christmas party Megan had last year and although he wasn't her type she thought anything would be better than planting herself in front of the TV yet again.

Finally opting for comfort, she slipped on a knee length purple halter dress that accentuated Halle's long dark locks. Adding the finishing touches to her makeup, she slipped on her flat black sandals, grabbed her purse and headed downstairs where she picked up her keys and headed out of the house.

She chose to walk the two blocks to Salvatore's where she was meeting Ron. By keeping the date to her own neighbourhood, she felt more at ease and Salvatore's had been her favourite little hole in the wall since she arrived in the city. The bar had a quality about it that was comforting and welcoming, and Salvatore himself had treated her like a daughter, giving her a job when she first arrived, until she had her small business up and running.

Walking into the bar, Halle looked around for Ron, she was a bit early herself and didn't expect to see him there yet, but there he was, perched on a stool at the end of the bar. Taking a minute, Halle gave him the once over. He was wearing a pair of black dress pants and a grey pinstripe button down shirt. 'he took the safe option' she thought, knowing he wasn't altogether unnatractive but certainly nothing to swoon over. 'Hell, don't be so shallow Halle' she mentally scolded herself. He was clean shaven and well groomed, a bit too well groomed for Halle's liking. She loved casual, jeans, t-shirts, pyjamas, she could laze around all weekend in her pj's and had been caught out many times doing just that.

Taking a deep breath she walked confidently over to Ron. "Good evening Ron. How are you?" Halle asked, pulling up a stool beside him.

He looked up to her and quickly stood, assisting her with her stool. "Good evening Halle, I'm great, thanks and might i say how gorgeous you look tonight" his voice betraying his confidence by the slight trembling Halle could detect. "That colour is amazing on you" he finally added.

Halle had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, way too many pleasantries, now may be the perfect time to take up drinking.

They moved to a table at the back of the bar and sat in awkward silence. Sal brought Hal her standard coke and left them to sip their drinks, the silence screaming loudly in Halle's ears. Looking around the room Halle noticed a tall dark haired guy walk through the door. He was wearing a ballcap pulled low over his eyes, oh so snug jeans and a black t-shirt. 'See...comfort' Halle sighed.

Halle decided if this night was ever going to end she had better make conversation. Turning to Ron who was carefully studying the wine sloshing around in his glass as he twisted it by the stem she asked "so, Ron, what is it you do at McKenzies?"

Ron took a big sip of wine and smiled, almost as if he needed the courage to speak "I work on the same floor as Megan, but in the accounts department".

'She sent me a freaking accountant! I'm gonna kill her!' Halle gathered her thoughts and tried to act interested. "Well that sounds interesting; it must keep you busy."

"That it does, and what about you? What do you do?"

'A great disappearing act if you could just head to the bathroom for me' shaking off her negative thoughts she answered "I have a small boutique that sells lingerie and sleepwear called HEAVEN".

They chatted quietly for another hour when they had decided to call it a night.

"Would you like me to walk you home?" Ron asked politely.

Halle couldn't bear anymore of the inane chit chat he came up with and spotting Sal bringing trays of glasses from out the back she told him that she was fine and was going to help out her friend for a while.

They parted ways with Ron promising to call her. Halle made a mental note to make Megan help him lose her number. She had been married to a lawyer for the better part of a decade and she couldn't bear spending anymore of her time with uptight, number crunching workaholics, she had nothing in common with them and frankly she just wanted someone who was willing to let their hair down and have some fun.


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