Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Halle fell right on top of Richie. Inwardly smiling 'well there are worse places a girl could land'.

Richie let out a loud "oof" and passed out. Jumping up quickly, Halle made sure he hadn't hit his head.

Salvatore came rushing over. His aged features showing full concern. "Hal, are you ok? What's this guys deal?" he motioned toward Richie with a flick of his hand.

"It's ok Sal, I knocked him over, but he seems to be sleeping it off now. Can you help me get him to the car?"

Sal and Halle together with the last remaining patron struggled to the car with the huge frame of a man. "Where are you going to take him?" Sal puffed as they propped him up in the backseat.

"Could you check his pocket for a hotel keycard or a business card, something that may tell us where he's staying" Halle asked as she started checking his other pocket.

Finding his wallet, Salvatore opened it and tried hard to be as unobtrusive as possible. After a quick search he came up with nothing.

Halle wondered how crazy she would sound if she called all the hotels in the area asking if Richie Sambora was staying there. She laughed it off, not only would they not tell her, she would sound certifiable.

Sal pulled his hands from Richie's jean pocket with a phone and handed it over to Halle.

"Great, I should be able to see who he called last and see if they can help." Flipping the phone open Halle sighed in defeat. "Damn it! It's locked." 'What the hell am i gonna do now?' Halle asked herself.

"Well Hal, I'll just have to call the cops, let them deal with him" Hal grumbled as he turned back toward the bar.

"No Sal, please." Halle looked down at Richie, sprawled accross the backseatand couldn't help but smile. He certainly was a magnificent specimen, even in his current condition. "Well Sal, I will just take him back to my place, let him sleep it off there."

"The hell you will" Sal replied in his gruff fatherly tone.

Clearly Sal had no idea who he was, and Halle felt confident that she would be safe. "It's ok Sal" she replied giving him a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. "I know who he is and i will be fine. Don't worry."

"I'm an old man Hal, I always worry, just be careful."

Blowing him a kiss, she jumped in the drivers seat and drove off toward home.

It had been a bit of a task getting Richie from the car to the house. He had woken but was not coherent in the least. Mumbled sounds grumbled from him as he leaned heavily on Halle. Stumbling around he passed out cold again when Halle dropped him on the bed in her guest room.

She struggled pulling off his boots and fell on her ass for her efforts "crap! there has gotta be a better way to get a rockstar undressed" she laughed.

She stood back, looking down at the unconcious man in her house and wondered what had brought such pain to those gorgeous chocolate eyes. It was obviously bad enough to drive him to the bar that night on a mission to drown something in whiskey. "Well not exactly how I thought the night would end" she murmered quietly to herself "but i guess it could have been worse".

Leaving a packet of aspirin and two bottles of water on the bedside table, Halle closed the door and went upstairs to her room taking his phone with her in case it rang. She was sure it wouldn't be long before he is missed.


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    Can't wait to see what happens when Richie wakes up! And oh yeah! Jon will ream him a new one!

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