Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapter Eleven

Richie was muttering softly below his breath which made Halle chuckle nervously. She glared at Megan sending her an unspoken dismissal.

Megan stopped ranting when she read Halle's glare, her cheeks coloured slightly realising what she must have interrupted. "Ahh...well... I'm gonna just go" with that said, Megan spun on her heel and took off back toward David and Tico.

Turning back to Richie, Halle looked up setting her gaze on his face. He was smiling back, his eyes twinkling and his smile widening as Halle became visibly nervous again. She looked down at her hands that were playing with a button on Richie's shirt, her mind racing. What the hell did she think she was doing? She was so far out of her element. He didn't even know her, she didnt know him. Mentally shaking her head, she knew she couldn't be some Rockstar's latest conquest, even if that certain Rockstar had beautiful, eyes that spoke from his soul, and a smile that could easily reduce her to a puddle. Even if that Rockstar's body called out to hers, setting every nerve ending alight with a desire she thought she would never know.

Richie watched the emotions dancing accross Halle's face. He noted the uncertainty, which he would have expected from someone as down to earth as Hal. This was a little too fast. His head was not in the right place at the moment to give Halle what she deserved. He lifted his hand to her chin and pulled her meet his gaze, slowly lowering he left a chaste kiss on her lips. Her taste was powerful, he wanted more. Forgetting his concerns, Richie dipped his head once more, his lips met hers again, this time they both tilted their heads, deepening the kiss. Richie ran his tongue softly along Halle's lips, looking for entry. She obliged with a sigh.

Halle had seen Richie descending for another kiss and was powerless to stop it. Truth be told she didn't want to stop it. She was amazed at how perfectly their lips fit together. Her hands slid up his chest and over his shoulders and linked together at the nape of his neck, as the kiss deepened.

Richie swept his hands down her cheeks and rested them at the base of her neck. He could feel her pulse beating fast beneath his fingers. As they slowly parted their breathing fast and erratic, Richie lay his forehead to Halle's as they regained their composure.

Halle was suddenly aware of how many people were actually in the room. Her cheeks coloured and she hid her face from anyone who may have been watching.

Richie smiled at her panic stricken face. "Hal, I'm sure no one was paying attention" looking over his shoulder, Richie gave the room a quick glance over and found only Megan and Jon staring in their direction. Jon was grinning like he had won a carnival prize and Megan was eyeing them suspiciously. Turning back to Halle he smirked "see, we didn't grab anyone's attention.

Megan looked for herself and found Megan still looking their way, giving her a cautious friend look, Halle just smiled and nodded in her direction. At that Megan returned to her conversation with Dave. Feeling her courage Megan took a deep breath and began "Richie" she faultered, not sure exactly how to say what she needed to say.

"Just say it darlin'"

Halle began again "Richie, i have to say without a doubt this has been one of the most amazing days of my life. I had breakfast with a great bunch of guys, got to see a kickass concert, and had an amazing experience here with you tonight"

"Why can i feel a BUT coming on?" Richie grinned.

"Because there is one. Rich, I'm not a casual type of girl. I..." she couldn't continue.

Richie knew where she was heading with this so he comforted her with an arm around her waist and pulled her close for a hug. "I know you aren't casual Halle, I would never treat you like that either, after what you did for me last night, hell, you could have made it alot more difficult, caused me a huge scandal, but you didn't and for that i am eternally grateful. I respect you too much darlin' to ever treat you anyway but the way you deserve to be treated." Halle felt tears burning her eyes. Richie wiped one away and continued "I haven't had such a great twelve months and i'm not sure where my head is with anything at the moment but i would truly like to keep in touch with you" he looked hopefully at her, his eyebrows winged awaiting her response.

Halle smiled gently "that would be great Rich" was all she said before they hugged again. Pulling apart Richie grabbed her hand.

"Let's see what's happening over here" he tugged her along 'til they reached Megan and the rest of the band.

Later that night, Halle lay in her bed smiling. It had been a great party, everyone was nice and Megan had taken a liking to Dave, which was quite an odd combination, with Dave being such a fun spirited person and Megan…well …not. She could have fun, but was very much business orientated. Halle hoped that a little fun with a funky keyboardist might bring out a little more of the fun Megan that Halle hadn’t seen since they were teenagers.

Her mind returned to the handsome wingman. He could easily have been the typical sleazy rock star, but he was down to earth and so much fun to be with. He had barely left her side all night and she could still smell his sweet musky scent. Their conversation started dancing around her mind. Was he serious? Could she have a friendship with Richie? She had enjoyed spending time with him so maybe it was possible. Their kiss was playing on her mind also, friends don't kiss like that, just remembering him being so close and so turned on was becoming dangerous and she laughed loudly at the delusions she created and buried her face in her pillow, eventually giving in to sleep.

Richie still had Halle on his mind, and after they all returned to the hotel he stopped in at Jon’s room.

“Hey man” Jon said opening the door further for him to enter. “What’s on your mind? Or should I be asking who’s on your mind?”

“Need I remind you asshole that we aren’t in high school anymore” Richie said plonking himself on the couch.

“Hey, I know we aren’t in school man, ‘cause if we were, I wouldn’t have had to do all the work, you would still have your balls and backbone and have done it yourself” Jon said smugly, and then shooting a concerned look at Richie, he continued “So what’s the problem? I know you were into her”.

Richie rolled his head on the back of the couch, shaking it slowly from side to side and running his hands over his face. “I don’t know man, she’s great, and gorgeous, but geographically speaking, she’s all wrong”.

“I wasn’t thinking anything long term Rich; I just thought you could have some fun while you were here, you know what I mean.”

“Fuck that! She’s better than that man.”

Jon watched Richie closely, thoughts ticking over in his head. He wanted to see his brother happy again, even if he had to give him a little push, he was going to make it happen.

Slapping his hands on his thighs Richie said “Shit! I just gotta keep it simple, no use makin’ situations worse than they already are”.

“Fuck that, go see her tomorrow, you already know you enjoy her company, maybe that’s all you need.”

Richie went to bed contemplating Jon’s advice. ‘Maybe he was right, but could he be just friends with Halle?

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