Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chapter Fourteen

Halle and Richie enjoyed their time together. Halle was amazed at how down to earth Richie was, she was actually finding it hard to believe he had this whole other Rock persona. They spent most of their time admiring the view from a blanket atop the highest point of the land, a small peak right at the edge of the cliff.

Richie talked about Ava and how proud he was at how well she had survived her family's turmoil. Halle took his hand as he touched briefly on his divorce, just offering human touch as comfort rather than ask questions that he probably didn't want to answer and truth be told, were none of her business.

Richie smiled at Halle. Taking a quick look down at their hands intertwined, he slowly brought them to his mouth kissing each of her knuckles slowly, lingering on the last one, savouring her taste.

Halle groaned softly, with each kiss came a wave of desire, something she couldn't hide.

Halle's groan went straight to Richie's groin. He had wanted to keep a friendship with Halle, she was a very special person. Anyone who would help someone like she had him, deserved more than he was capable of. But hell, she certainly drew him in, he found himself feeling things he thought he never would again, emotions that were playing havoc with his good intentions.

Slowly Halle leaned closer and Richie met her halfway, capturing her mouth, stealing her breath. His tongue probed and coaxed, delivering a sudden need between her thighs that she hadn't felt in a long time. His tongue was hot, seductive and pleasuring. She found herself with an urgency that she wasn't sure she could contain.

Richie broke the kiss long enough to lick at her throat and gently bit at her shoulder, softly branding her. Driven with a need to taste her all over, he slipped his hand beneath her top to caress her breasts through the thin lace of her bra.

Halle inhaled deeply at the unsnapping of her front clasp bra. She then felt the warm breeze on her skin as he lifted her top, baring her breasts to his gaze.

"You're beautiful" The words poured from deep within Richie's throat as his eyes almost caressed her skin. Her breasts were firm and enticing as he bent to taste her. Halle clutched the back of his head to hold his mouth in place. Richie's body responded like a schoolboys. She was stirring feelings he wasn't familiar with. Suddenly kissing her, tasting her weren't enough. He wanted it all. He felt a hunger that was burning deep inside him, but he knew he couldn't...not here, it wasn't right. Halle deserved better.

Reluctantly Richie broke away, his cock surging yet again at the small protesting wimper Halle let out. "Baby, not here. I want to do things right for a change and this" he motioned to the blanket on the ground, empty picnic basket and dark clouds rolling in "really isn't what i have in mind for you."

Halle agreed and pulled her clothes back to order. "I suppose i had better get you back anyway, before Jon sends out a search party."

"You know the bastard probably would too."

They quickly packed up the blanket and the remains of the picnic and were just setting off when the rain began to fall.

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